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WideDeck Poker

A Twist on Texas Hold'em

WideDeck Poker

WideDeck’s unique hierarchy of 6 new suits: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Gold, Silver and Bronze offers a fresh approach to a game that is played by millions.

Client Overview


Website Development, Graphic Design For Print and Digital


Tabletop Games, Card Game, Poker

What Happened Next?

Following the creation of their website, we worked with WideDeck to develop new packaging, as well as other supporting materials.


WideDeck Poker came to us looking for a website to launch their brand new Poker variant, which involved an expanded deck to accelerate gameplay and eliminate split pots.


We created a stunning website using Wix Studio, enabling WideDeck to sell their card game direct to customers (D2C).


We also created product images for WideDeck to set up and sell on Amazon. As well as supporting materials to help engage their audience.

WideDeck is available to buy and play via their website or Amazon. Check out a breakdown of our work together below.

WideDeck Poker Variant

John Haynes

Director of WideDeck Poker

"When working on a small business you want to work with people who are focused and motivated - Josh was certainly this."
WideDeck Poker Product Photography

Website Development & Graphic Design

Our Work Together

Check out the projects that we've worked on for WideDeck Poker.


Website Design

WideDeck needed a website that jumped out of the screen and brought the end user immediately into their world. With this in mind, we created their eCommerce store on Wix Studio, to enable us to create dynamic transitions and animations, as well as nail the core eCommerce functionality needed. 

Wix Studio eCommerce Website

Website Design Project for WideDeck


Graphic Design

WideDeck wanted to develop their product packaging from their original prototype, embracing their signature blue and incorporating an attractive design to the reverse of their cards. We helped WideDeck achieve this utilising their signature font and retaining their elegant style.

Product Packaging and Supporting Materials

Product Photography


Product Photography

WideDeck needed some clean product photography to utilise on their eCommerce channels. We created something that was stylish and dynamic without obscuring the product for sale purposes. These images adhered to Amazon benchmarks without compromising on style with creative positioning.

Product Shots for Amazon & Website

WideDeck Product Photography
Poker Chips

John Haynes

Director of WideDeck Poker

"I always feel Seven Sages went the extra mile for me, took instruction when needed, but used their own ideas and experience to enrich my product and guide me in the right direction."
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