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Naru Nutrition

Crafting a Health Revolution

Naru Nutrition

Inspired by the five elements of nature for their principles of wellness, Naru's mission is to help individuals to embrace a balanced lifestyle through intermittent fasting and nutritional education.

Client Overview


Content Creation, Campaign & Launch Strategy, Website Development, Graphic Design, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing


Nutritional Supplements, Health, Wellbeing

What Happened Next?

Our relationship blossomed into other areas of the business, becoming a valuable asset for their launch & ongoing brand development.


Naru Nutrition came to Seven Sages for assistance with their social media output & graphic design work to finalise their existing product packaging.


We helped the directors of Naru Nutrition shine in the spotlight on their Instagram page, with engaging & informative Reels.

Naru Nutrition has since launched in October 2023 with their first product "Naru Revive" - a mineral hydration powder designed for intermittent fasters.

Our fulfilling work with Naru continues to this day, check out some of our projects below.

Naru Electrolyte Supplement

Dave Masson

Director of Naru Nutrition

"I cannot recommend Josh enough and will truly be an asset to your business and possess the skill set to help you grow your business to any level you desire."
Naru Nutrition Client Marketing Case Study

Full Service

Our Work Together

Check out the various projects that we've completed for Naru Nutrition since we started working together.


Social Media

We orchestrated a strategic shift in Naru Nutrition's social media content, leveraging informative and engaging Instagram reels that delved into fasting and other health-related topics. These captivating reels amplified their reach, introducing Naru to diverse new audiences and established them as thought leaders in the nutrition sphere.

Content Strategy and Creation


Graphic Design

Our collaboration extended to refining their product packaging design, following two years of product development. Together we finalised their product packaging, making it purpose fit and attractive for their target audience. The packaging was comprised of a delivery box, a carton and sachets.

Product Packaging and Supporting Materials

Naru Nutrition Product Photo


Website Design

Creating a website that united functionality and visual presence was key to Naru's ongoing success. We utilised Wix Studio to create an attractive and dynamic e-commerce website for Naru, capable of facilitating subscription models, physical and digital products, as well as blogs and informational content.

Wix Studio eCommerce Website

Website Development and Design


Paid Advertising

Beyond video editing for their social media & podcasting, we've also created several videos for Naru's paid advertising efforts. These videos have supported their product launch, as well as their '28 Day Fasting Challenge'. The creative included narrator-lead videos and animated kinetic text, montage-style videos.

Meta Paid Ads (Facebook and Instagram)



The Naru Nutrition founders chose to start their own podcast, a means of sharing their knowledge and day-to-day lives with their audience in a conversational setting. We helped the brothers to produce their podcast by creating introductory graphics, editing videos and enhancing audio using Adobe Premiere.

Video Editing and Short Form Social Clips

Podcast Production


Lead Generation

Utilising Naru's wealth of knowledge, we crafted a comprehensive and exciting free eBook – the '28 Day Fasting Challenge' – designed to guide both beginners and experienced individuals through a transformative fasting journey while incorporating lifestyle-enhancing mini-challenges.

Free eBooks and Guides

Fasting eBook Designs
Naru Revive

Dave Masson

Director of Naru Nutrition

"Josh's people and communication skills allows a great environment for sharing ideas and challenging them to make sure you make the best decision possible. "
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